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May 31, 2021

Methods To Deter Burglars in Prescott

A break-in doesn’t usually go down the way you see it on TV. In lieu of theatrics, crooks target homes that have simple entry and no deterrents. Houses that look protected with a home security system -- or houses that appeared occupied -- likely meet a burglar's checklist. They'll then search in a different direction for a shadowy, poorly locked house where they know everyone is away.

Knowing all that, how best can you deter burglars in Prescott?

Get And Advertise A Home Security System

If you were a criminal and could break into any location in Prescott, would you select the option that signaled to the homeowners and police that an intrusion was happening? Many burglars will seek out the house of little resistance, and possessing a security camera or motion detector will mean extra risk and a possible trip to the police station.

Setting out yard signs and decals about your home security system is an ideal place to start in making your property look uninviting. Then install a couple outside security cameras. A doorbell camera performs ideally as many would-be thieves will first knock on the door to check if anyone is around.

For the interior, be certain you have sensors on all entrances. If someone does select your home to attempt to rob, the sensors will set off the high-decibel alarm and scare off burglars before they can start burgling. Letting robbers know you have a monitored security system is a fantastic deterrent, as they know your security monitoring specialists will be signaled about their attempt even if you’re traveling.

Lights Make It Appear Like You’re Home

By double checking that your house isn't without light, you give the impression that someone's home. Turning on your porch lights or front room light when you're away may get the job done. Or mount a floodlight above the back door or patio that lights the area when it detects activity.

The problem with just leaving a lamp lit is that it can become predictable -- particularly if you take off from the area for a handful of days. With recent advancements, you should buy some smart bulbs to give the impression that you're always home. Through your mobile security app, you can put your smart bulbs on a timer so that separate spots of the home are illuminated at assorted times, or trigger them from anywhere when you see a security alarm on your app.

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Lock Your Entryways And Windows

Securing your windows and doors before exiting the property will work wonders in deterring burglars in Prescott. Even if you make certain to lock the front door, do you have small spots like doggy doors, patio doors, and the door from the garage to the home closed tight and bolted? Exterior doors need a bare minimum of a deadbolt that makes the door much more difficult to kick in. Smart locks are also handy, as you can receive a notification to your mobile device if they are being meddled with. And do not ever leave house keys under the mat or anywhere nearby.

Keep Your Travel Details Off Social Media

The majority of thieves prefer to scout their targets prior to the break in. Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram might display when you're not at home. When you broadcast that you're in transit to the airport for a week-long trip, you could have set off an unintentional sign. Make certain you review your security settings so that only close contacts see your vacation posts, or simply wait until you get back to show your travel pictures.

Utilize The Best Home Security System In Prescott To Deter Burglars

Get the experts at Secure24 Alarm Systems to enhance your security by installing motion detectors, cameras, and lights. We'll help you tailor-make your home security system to your every need so you can make your property repelling to would-be intruders. Just call (928) 888-9024 or complete the form today!